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Who and what is JNM?

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Distel - Arne Bruyneel JNM is the abbreviation for Jeugdbond voor Natuur en Milieu (Youth Organisation for Nature and Environment), an association for all young people interested in nature and the environment. A youth movement as diverse and lively as JNM cannot be described in just one webpage. You would have to experience it for yourself!



JNM is open to all youngsters aged 7 to 26 that take an interest in nature and the environment. There are 3 age groups: piepers (7 to 12 years old), inis (13 to 15 years old) and the 'ordinary' members (16 to 26 years old).




Together, we go out on excursions to discover the beauty and diversity our plant and animal kingdom have to offer. We seek out the most beautiful places, looking for the unexpected thrill of a rare observation, or because a good walk in the wide open makes our blood flow faster.



Wherever we can, we undertake action to preserve the nature around us. We regularly use a shovel or a saw to lend nature a hand. Being outside together and working in nature makes us feel useful and alive.

We do not close our eyes for environmental problems. Each activity is an attempt to live sustainably and environmentally friendly. In addition, we try to make others aware of these problems, through action, based on reliable facts.



JNM organizes many projects and national meetings on specific topics. The summer vacation is the pinnacle of our activities, with more than 40 camps to choose from. In this camps season people can enjoy everything JNM stands for: studying nature, nature conservation and environmental protection.


JNM has 50 local divisions in Flanders. These group people you can join to go on exploration in your own neighbourhood, or find soulmates to organize an environmental action the likes of which have never been seen before.



Do not hesitate to join us: we are happy to share our passion and knowledge with new people, and will gladly welcome you!

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Emmie Malfliet (20)
Marieke Vandorpe (15)
Pieter Van Holderbeke (13)
Kobe Baeté (15)
Florian Acke (10)
Seppe Van Den Abbeele (9)
Zoé Muylle (9)
Louis De Wilde De Wilde (8)
Maarten Jochums (9)
Toni Vanhove (10)

info@jnm.be       tel: 09 223 47 81       Tarbotstraat 61F, 9000 Gent

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